Hello, overseas!

Good evening~ and good morning~.Your silver-haired virtual blogger, Mashiro Kurisu(@Crystalwreath) here!
This time, I’m writing an article for overseas readers, something I never thought I’d do. I’ve been blogging for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve done something like this.
(Of course, I’ve used a translation tool for this!)

So, the reason I decided to write this kind of article is because I noticed something.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of visitors from overseas who read this blog, but many of them send me e-mails rather than comments.I recently received a heartwarming e-mail from a visitor about the suspension of Twitter and the move of the blog.
Until recently, I was wondering, “Is that a cultural thing?” or something like that……

Then, I had a realization.

Are you guys getting caught in the spam filter????


This blog has an anti-spam system, and currently comments that do not contain a certain number of Japanese characters cannot be posted.

I don’t know the details as I use a different service provider, but my previous blog also had an anti-spam system.I didn’t see much spam there, and sometimes comments from non-japanese would disappear.
I once told a Hungarian in an email, “It’s strange.”
(By the way, he seems to like Prisma Illya)(I like it too, it’s quite? ecchi)

For my part, I believe that people from any country can comment whenever they want. It’s nice to have people from many different countries who share the same interests.
However, I do not want to put you all at risk, so an anti-spam system must be used.

So, here’s a suggestion: How about commenting in ①Japanese or ②both English and Japanese?
Option ② makes it easier to convey your meaning accurately.

My blog introduces overseas dakimakura, and no one minds if visitors comment in somewhat broken Japanese.
Besides, my English might be a bit unnatural, and above all, when Japanese people buy overseas dakimakura, they ask in English. (I make inquiries in English whether I’m dealing with China, Korea, the Netherlands, the U.S., and so on)

So, that wraps up my first article for overseas readers!
I hope you’ll feel free to comment whenever you like, but remember, there’s no pressure if you’d rather not.
Even though our languages differ, I believe our sentiments towards merchandise are quite similar.

(Note: Both Japanese and overseas readers were saddened by the mosaic of Mellon Books😭)

P.S.Expect my reply to be in Japanese, because it feels like you all are visiting my room to hang out!

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